Optimize Procurement Costs By Using Data

Strategize your sourcing, uncover saving opportunities, scale to a billion transactions, deploy today.

“Procol has saved us millions by digitizing our processes. It is an extremely helpful tool for both receiving bids and evaluating them.”

Future Group

A cloud based procurement
workflow automation software.

Procol is an all-in-one strategic sourcing software — a single place for live auctions, market data and collaboration — helping everyone save time and minimize cost.

Procol contributes
directly to the bottom line.

  • Digitize Everything
  • Streamlined Sourcing
  • Intelligence Built-in
  • Dynamic contracts - Anything that cost more than ₹5,00,000 should be recorded. Say no to whatsapp/phone deals.

  • Recorded quality checks - Each and every delivery quality is recorded on our channel to create a special Supplier Score.

  • Digital documents - Thousands of vendor invoices, suppliers’ information, products database available on-the-go.

  • Super fast communication - No more seeking approvals or creating POs via emails, everything is taken care of by Procol.

Benefits of sourcing strategically—

  • Saving procurement cost. (AI based automated negotiation)

  • Creating audit proof transparent process, better governance within the buying process.

  • Improving employee productivity by creating time and resource utilities.

  • Offering the ability to track specific commodity purchases with rich insights.

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